Welcome to Kstar Duty Free Liquor and Tobacco

Visitors to Grenada can benefit from shopping at Kstar Duty Free Liquor and Tobacco for all their Liquor and Wines, and Tobacco. Our duty free prices are typically between 20% and 40% lower than regular prices, and vary depending on the item being purchased.

All of our merchandise is marked with both prices to provide an easy comparison for our shoppers. The duty free concession is applied instantly at checkout, upon presentation of a passport and proof of a valid departure ticket.

We provide shoppers with duplicate copies of their receipts - one to keep and the other for submission at the port of exit at their time of departure. Note that most items bought duty free, with the exception of alcohol and tobacco, are delivered immediately to the consumer at the time of purchase.
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Kstar Duty Free Liquor and Tobacco

Kstar Duty Free Liquor and Tobacco is family owned an operated. We are conviently located in the Esplanade Mall in the heart of the beautiful City of St. George's, Grenada. If you have not been you should definitely plan a visit to our store. We stock a wide range of excellent quality cigars and tobaccos, the finest liquor, wines and so much more.

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